Quotes from some of New York’s best dressed:


      "I've tried them all -- Turnbull, Ascot Chang, the Canadian dollar difference and in between.  When I found STATS, I stayed put.....How can you hate great fabrics, impeccable fit, service on your schedule, where you want it......I love it!    And Julie's fabrics range from traditional to whimsical. Great!"

                          David Bell, Pegasus Capital Advisors

      "STATS delivers. The service is custom-made, not just the shirts. So much better than shopping in stores. Well-made shirts, ready when promised."

                          Warren Bodow, President,

                          The Wellengoode Agency, Inc.

      "Value, variety, quality and superb customer-service. That's why I've been a delighted customer for more than 10 years now and recommend STATS to my friends and colleagues."

                            Keith Yagnik

    "Your custom made shirts are the GREATEST, better than Jermyn Street, (no need to worry about the Euro vs. The Greenback), the best fabrics and selections, a broad array of colors and style choices and always JM to make office visits. What could be better?"

                            Bill Behrens, Vice Chairman,

                            Northeast Securities, Inc.

      "Once you've gone STATS, you can't go back. There is just nothing like the feeling and look of a well-tailored custom shirt that fits you perfectly. I used to think I was the perfect off-the-rack medium, and now I'm ruined for any off-the-rack shirt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my STATS shirts."

                           Mark DiMassimo, CEO/Creative Director,

                           DIMASSIMO Brand Advertising, NYC

      "I've bought many shirts from STATS and am very happy with the quality of the shirts and especially the personalized care from Julie. The individual attention she provides guarantees that I receive what I've asked for, and her no-pressure approach is very refreshing!"

                            David A. Winters,

                            Intrepid Foundation

      “I am very pleased with the shirts and have received numerous compliments about the style and fit.”

                            Brad Berkowitz,

                            Cramer Berkowitz

      “In terms of your shirts, all I can say that when I wear a STATS shirt, the fit is great and that's the day I get complimented on my attire. And they don't wear out --that's probably because I have so many!”

                            Paul Blutman,

                            Costello, Shea & Gaffney LLP

      "For the past 8 years, I have had shirts made by Julie Manis. For those 8 years, whatever else I have to worry about, whatever else is going wrong, I know I can just put on a shirt and at least THAT will be perfect and professional. When a new attorney at my firm is ready for court appearances, I have Julie make him or her a shirt, and I know my firm will look as good as it should."

                            Chase Caro,

                            Caro & Associates, PC